About Privacy Laws

A message about Your Privacy and Security of Information Collected

About Privacy Laws

Lynda Stevenson (photo)
Lynda Stevenson
Dear Auntie - Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Lynda Stevenson is the Founder and (acting) Executive Director of Dear Auntie’s Foundation (a non-profit organization)

If you want to know more about what to expect from Dear Auntie and her Foundation read Dear Auntie’s Promise 



Your information will absolutely NEVER be shared with any other person or organization without your EXPRESS consent or DIRECTION (in the case of your Journals And Legacy Agreements)

Dear Auntie’s Foundation’s mission is to get Owners Manual out there and then upkeep and maintain it (or its offspring) according to the agreement between Dear Auntie’s Foundation and (your) Owners Manual App

We will always attend to your security no less so than our own or our children or other family members. The App (your) Owners Manual was designed with multiple layers of security built in to it (as secure as your banking app) and it will have its own cloud space as soon as possible. 

Donations are made through Dear Auntie’s Foundation secure PayPal portal and none of your financial information is shared with Dear Auntie other than than the amount. Donors may use Visa debit, Credit Card or PayPal and receipts are provided via email.

Your information, supplied now in any of our website forms (name, email, phone etc) are backed up off site in simple spreadsheets designed to integrate with the Network which connects to the MULTI APP, (your) OWNERS MANUAL

You may rely on Dear Auntie, Dear Auntie’s Foundation and (your) Owners Manual to act in accordance with the principles of UTMOST GOOD FAITH, regardless if it is required by law or not.

Dear Auntie’s Foundation will also offer complete transparency at all times so if you want more details, they will be gladly shared with you or any governing body. 

Reach out to (Dear❤️Auntie) Lynda Stevenson in CONTACT if you have  questions about the collection, security or privacy of your information associated with Dear Auntie’s Foundation and/or (your) OWNERS MANUAL 


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