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HISTORY (1991-present)

Owners Manual (1991) was a book written for Dear Auntie’s daughter, called Hailey’s Owners Manual. It was a continuation of her baby book kept in a big binder which had all her important details, her Mom’s and Dad’s family tree, a refillable calendar with many pages to customize with stickers about her mood, her nutrition, the weather, her fertility cycle and more. 

It also contained the contents of the self helpful book, The Queen of Make Do (1989). Tips and guidance about being a girl, how to deal with all the characters who might come into her life, many short quizzes to help her make wise decisions, figure out if she was in an abusive relationship, etc.

When it was completed it was presented to Hailey (at age 11) with a “coming of age” ceremony.

The concept and tools were often shared with other people who said, “You should publish this for everyone!”

In 2003, the template of (Your) Owners Manual was created. Still in its binder format, it was designed to be used as a Life Skill Management class in high schools. Like any Owners Manual it was ready to be filled with personal information and contained a Calendar with stickers, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting information, guidance about Care and Maintenance, Environmental controls, etc. 

The completed prototype then sat on the shelf until 2010 when the author, Lynda Stevenson, did the first of many research projects into the subjects of poverty and saving the children.

Read an excerpt from that research document in Dear Auntie’s first Blog. Come back to check out Dear Auntie’s blog weekly for helpful hints, updated research documents and current information about our progress and development. 


Code for the app is now about 40% completed. Beta testers will be the first to download and use Owners Manual.

The original prototype for Owners Manual mobile multi app (2017) is available for viewing in Invision app. Owners Manual will have a similar style but much more sophisticated graphics (pages that turn) and fun animation. Use the home menu and back buttons or view all screens. When we beta test the design screens will be modified with real data. 

Invision Prototype

OR…Check out the Project Showcase to see Owners Manual app first prototype and design screens for the ORIGINS  SECTION including Ancestry, Baby Books and Furry Family Books. Come back weekly for updates on our progress


Go to Coming Soon to find out more about our timelines for launch (updated monthly) and our future plans for Owners Manual mobile multi app and Dear Auntie’s Foundation

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