Dear Auntie’s Foundation

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Dear Auntie’s Foundation is a charitable organization established in September 2017. Our Founding principle is to ‘ help but do no harm’ and we will apply that principle in the spirit and tradition of a trusted and dear Auntie. Check out Dear Auntie’s Promise to find out what to expect from us.


There is no time more pressing and no goal more worthwhile than the one to save our children. Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower ALL the Sons and Daughters of today and proactively CONNECT them to a caring and compassionate network of LIFE SUPPORT

Read our first Blog to understand our reasoning and the research that validates our mission.


Our first goal will be to get the APP Owners Manual into the hands of the people who need it most. We will employ Owners Manual to inspire its owners to learn what they need to know about themselves and to use that information to make wise decisions

Owners Manual will  offer a secure, reliable means to connect to the support of Dear Auntie and Owners Manual’s LIFE SUPPORT and REFERRAL  NETWORK of trusted professionals.


Dear Auntie’s Foundation Grand Opening will be in March/April  of 2020 to coincide with the pilot of the mobile multi app, Owners Manual in Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.

Our head office is located at Calgary, Alberta in CANADA

Take a tour of our beautiful virtual Headquarters and check out the original prototype and future plans for Owners Manual in the SHOWCASE and COMING SOON