About Owners Manual’s creator

Executive Director and Founder of The Stevenson Foundation

About Owners Manual’s creator

Lynda Stevenson (photo)
Lynda Stevenson
Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Lynda Stevenson is the Author of Owners Manual (originally written for her daughter) and the Creator of Owners Manual mobile multi app (for everyone).

She is the Founder and (acting) Executive Director of The Stevenson Foundation (a non-profit organization). 

Lynda has written many useful Manuals in the past and has been working on a self help book since her teens, originally titled The Queen of Make do. In 1991, after her daughter was born she began writing her most important manual, Hailey’s Owners Manual, which was completed and ready to be passed on to her 11 years later. It was then re written in 2003 as a template format  (Your) Owners Manual came with a personalized leather cover and was designed to be used as a Life Skill Management Class for young women. It had a lock and key to protect the users privacy (in the style of a Dear Diary or a sacred tome).

In 2005, (Your) Owners Manual was put on the shelf as Lynda became a single parent (of two) and began working full time after being a “stay at home,work at home” Mom since 1998. She understands the heartbreak and struggle of not having enough time for her children or herself. Read Lynda’s real life experience and research about Poverty and Saving the Children in her Blog, The New Millennium (2010).


In 2017, after a personal tragedy, a prolonged hardship and a long talk with her mentor she was inspired (by a rainbow) to recreate Owners Manual again, this time as a mobile multi app for everyone (scheduled to launch in March/April 2020).

Rainbows have long been an international sign of peace, forgiveness and hope. In recent years the rainbow has also been used as a sign of inclusiveness. Tap the button below to see the rainbow that inspired the design for (Your) Owners Manual. 

Rainbow June 2017

Lynda’s goal is to inspire global social change by providing a tool which offers inexpensive yet essential access to LIFE SKILL EDUCATION and secure LIFE SUPPORT for anyone who owns a mobile device. Connecting people EVERYWHERE in a whole new way. 

Her favourite things are children (especially babies), animals, waterfalls, rainbows and sunsets.

Her spare time is spent gardening, organizing and doing research. She enjoys most sports or outdoor activities including swimming, fishing, hiking and camping.

Reach out to Lynda and Owners Manual‘s  support team anytime in CONTACT if you have  questions or ideas for Owners Manual mobile multi app.