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IF you met or spoke to DEAR AUNTIE Lynda and she promised you a free copy of (your) OWNERS MANUAL PERSONAL EDITION, collect it below by filling in a few details and submit. Only fields marked with a star * are required to SUBMIT. 

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FORM 4 : FREE COPY of (Your) Owners Manual Personal Edition

GIFT 🎁 Recipients will receive a download code via email as soon as preorders are ready. The Personal Edition will pilot in Calgary Alberta CANADA 🇨🇦 in 2020
  • There is only one (Your) Owners Manual for each person. If you have a Professional copy of Owners Manual you also have all the Personal Edition features. If you have a copy of Personal Edition you may add the Professional Edition at any time by signing up for the Network
  • If you are the gift recipient or don’t have a recipient for your free copy, just leave blank and Dear Auntie will donate to a worthy person on your behalf.
  • If you are the recipient or don’t have a gift recipient, leave blank. Dear Auntie will donate to a worthy recipient for you.
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